How would you describe your gender identity? (This is titled "boyfriend application" but anyone is welcome to fill this out. Just know I have a stronger preference for guys.)

If you selected "Other," feel free to specify or leave blank if you wish:

What pronouns do you use? (Check all that apply)

Most important question: Are you okay with dating a filthy, disgusting, impure, gender non-conforming tranny?

Would you let me do your makeup and nails for you?

Do you enjoy receiving lots of baked goods?

Do you enjoy lots of physical affection?

What body type(s) do you prefer?

What supernatural/mythical entity would you say that you most identify with?

How do you feel about the sun?

Are you religious?

Pick a word from my collection.

How horny are you on a scale of 1 to 10?

What is your favorite season?

How do you feel about people who cry often?

What genre(s) of literature do you like?

How would you feel about a significant other having friends of the gender in which they are attracted to (e.g. a straight girl who has guy friends while she has a boyfriend)?

What part of one's body catches your eye the most?

Are you able to lift or carry ~132 pounds/60 kilograms? (This is being asked out of curiosity and will not affect whether or not you will be considered)